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Full-time writer. Father. Bald as a baby’s bottom.

A very bald christopher kokoski standing in front of a very red door.
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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” — Oscar Wilde

My bio

As I write this, I’m sitting at my make-shift desk sipping coffee and typing on a tiny laptop perched atop an empty cardboard box. It’s a completely ugly set up, but I love it.

It’s my favorite place in my house. It’s where all my childhood dreams of being a full-time writer finally came true.

I’m Christopher Kokoski, pronounced Co-Co-Ski. Just imagine drinking hot cocoa while skiing down a snowy slope.

But never do that in real life. It’s a terrible idea.

Judicial power, punishing cooperation, and divorce courts gone wrong.

Screenshot of video interview on — Judge Rejects Divorce Request and Tells Couple To Work It Out
Image credit: Source

In September 2021, a Shepherdsville, KY judge shocked everyone — including the opposing lawyers — by denying a request for divorce.

One of the attorneys said it best: “This is something really nobody would’ve seen coming.”

Massive understatement of the century.

Local and national media swooped in to cover the bizarre story, made even more incredulous by the reason for the denied request.

Apparently, the two spouses requesting the divorce got along a little too well.

The Couple Who Cooperated Too Much

Doug and Nicole Potts were married in 2008 but separated in November of 2020. …

Dating Advice From a Robot.

A robot — I Interviewed Advanced AI About Dating — Here’s What It Said
Image by Author via Canva

While most of the world lives in fear of a robot uprising, I just want to use artificial intelligence for love.

With insider access to an advanced AI named Jarvis (not an affiliate link), I decided to ask him about relationships. What follows is a series of questions and answers where Jarvis turns his machine-learning algorithms on dating.

Buckle up, because this is going to get interesting.

Jarvis, Do You Believe in Love?

Jarvis: I believe romantic love is a human behavior designed to increase the probability of successful mating by creating emotional bonds between individuals.

I also think that there could be such a thing…

Eliminate insecurity about how you taste and smell

Woman with flowers in front of her private parts — 5 Best Ways To Prepare For Oral Sex (For Women and Men)
Image by Author via Canva

Oral sex is, by definition, a private party in your pants.

The guest list is usually quite small and you probably want to be a good host.

For some of us, even the idea of oral sex can trigger feelings of panic and insecurity. What if I smell bad? What if I taste terrible?

While those are completely normal reactions to such an intimate act, you can take very specific steps to eliminate that anxiety and prepare for oral sex. That’s true for both women and men.

Let’s get right to the most important and best way to prepare.

The #1 Best Way To Prepare for Oral Sex


Groaning cakes, birthing chairs, and robot babies.

Image of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein — The Strange History of Making People
Image credit: Source

The history of childbirth is a fascinating topic. It’s not just an issue that affects women, but everyone. This article will explore some of the more surprising aspects of this complicated, messy, and essential process — from groaning cakes to robot babies.

This is the strange history of making people.

The History of Childbirth: Post-Partem Sherbert and Biscuits with Mice

Approximately two million years ago, there was a human woman who, in pain, gave birth. Due to the larger pelvis of our ancestors, the birthing process is theorized to have been much faster and simpler (and perhaps somewhat less painful).

Although I suspect that the woman giving birth might not…

A funny but mathematically sound premise.

A woman holding up two different sized vegetables — The Mathematics of Perfect Penis Size
Image by Author via Canva

The viral Instagram video opens with an Asian man stepping up to a whiteboard and adjusting his glasses.

In a no-nonsense and very “Good Will Hunting”-esque manner, he proceeds to talk as his hand effortlessly glides a marker across the board in front of the class.

What unfolds in both word and symbol is a mathematical equation so deep, so profound, so utterly fantastic that his male peers sit spellbound. At the crescendo of the equation — the solution, if I may — the background music bursts forth almost like applause.

The title of this video? …

Angry, jealous, confused, or humored?

Woman with shocked expression — What My Girlfriend Really Thinks About All My Sex Articles
Image by Author via Canva

My first two popular articles online were both about blowjobs.

Go figure.

I write a lot of sex articles and people often joke in the comments about how my girlfriend must feel. The tone of the comments ranges from snarky to serious.

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you probably know that I mention my girlfriend quite a bit.

Especially in the sex articles.

I get why people are curious about her reaction, so I thought I would set the story straight.

This is how my girlfriend really feels about all my sex articles.


My girlfriend and I…

The results were unexpected

Colorful winding staircase — I Tried Sex Hypnosis — Here’s What Happened
Image by the Author via Canva

I’ve practiced hypnosis for over a decade, but I still didn’t know what to expect when I stumbled across sex hypnosis.

Would it work? The promises sounded too grand, just another snake oil sex product benefiting from desperate people looking for answers. However, having successfully self-hypnotized myself into high-performance states for years, I decided to give it a try.

This is what happened.

What Is Sex Hypnosis?

First of all, what is sex hypnosis? Sex hypnosis is hypnotizing yourself and/or your partner for better sex.

There is a difference, however, between erotic hypnosis and sexual hypnosis. I’m using the term “Sex Hypnosis” broadly to…

Going beyond evergreen

Two golden tickets — How I Create Everlasting Gobstopper Content
Image by the Author via Canva

In the last year, I’ve developed a new type of content that has skyrocketed traffic to my websites, increased display ad revenue, and boosted my affiliate earnings.

Just this month, I’m thrilled to share with you that I made my first $1,000 month from my niche websites. New referrals appear on my analytics dashboard every day.

One of my new websites (just over 3 months old) is growing steadily and on track to double my monthly website income in the next 8 months:

How it happened and what I’m doing to fix it

Screenshot of Google analytics showing lost users — I Lost 10K Pageviews On My Website — This Is What I Learned
Image by the Author via Canva

When you are a blogger with a small website, any loss of traffic is a crisis. You’ve worked so hard, put in all this hard work, and it feels utterly defeating to watch the search volume drop every day.

That’s what’s happening to me right now.

I just lost 10–12K monthly pageviews. All of my stats went red with little taunting downward-facing arrows.

It’s a horrible feeling. I can’t help but think, “Did I just fuck everything up?”

This is what I learned.

How I Lost 10K Pageviews

I couldn’t figure out why I lost so many pageviews, so I started Googling possibilities.

Of the…

Christopher Kokoski

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