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Full-time writer. Father. Bald as a baby’s bottom.

A very bald christopher kokoski standing in front of a very red door.
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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” — Oscar Wilde

My bio

As I write this, I’m sitting at my make-shift desk sipping coffee and typing on a tiny laptop perched atop an empty cardboard box. …

How math, Minecraft, and Macaulay Culkin can help

A woman looking jealous as her boyfriend smiles at a phone — How to not let jealousy ruin your relationship
Image by Author via Canva

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

It’s something that I have learned over the years, and it has helped me keep jealousy at bay (mostly).

Growing up, I was so jealous it made me sick. I would wake up in the morning and feel jealousy…

A personal confession of fowl behavior.

Three rubber ducks in a row — I Send Unsolicited Duck Pics
Image by Author via Canva

I’m tired of hiding this truth from the public, so it’s time that I come clean.

While my confession is not illegal or embarrassing, it is part humor, part taboo, and part poultry.

That’s right: I send unsolicited duck pics and—gasp — I like it.

Here’s why.

Surprise, It’s An Unsolicited Duck

What I enjoy…


A fun, furry guide with photos and video

A cat’s paw — How To Teach a Cat To Fist Bump
Image by Author via Canva

You can teach your cat to perform many tricks, including how to fist bump.

To teach your cat to fist bump, you’ll need to be patient, consistent, and provide plenty of treats for good behavior.

Don’t I know it! I’ve always loved cats. I grew up with a German barn…

My complete system for making over $1k every month

Hands typing on a laptop — How I Make $1,000+ Every Month By Writing Online
Image by Author via Canva

I follow a simple (but not easy) strategy to consistently make $1,000 per month writing online.

Unlike many other articles, I’m not going to tell you that you can do it.

Not everyone has the tenacity, patience, or skill set to follow this system. …

A real-life college story.

Blurry movie theater — Stealth sex in a movie theater
Image by Author via Canva

I’ve been thinking a lot about stealth sex lately.

Probably because I’ve been binge-watching YouTube videos about stealth camping and stealth solo survival. There’s just something about sneaking around and getting away with “bad behavior” that fascinates me.

Most of us have experienced some form of stealth sex — be…

Busting beliefs, changing behaviors, and working smarter

Books surround the title of the article — 5 books that actually changed my life
Image by Author via Canva

Not many books change my life.

It seems the older I get, the fewer books hook my attention. Even fewer sustain it to the last page. Of those, only a handful actually impact my life in any noticeable way.

Then there are the rare finds that stop me in my…

How to avoid five common weight-loss mistakes

Man and woman sitting on the ground after working out — 5 fat loss myths debunked by science
Image by Author via Canva

The vast majority of people accept widely believed workout myths.

You might be surprised that some of these are, in fact, not true at all. I’ve heard them most of my life. Maybe you have, too.

Here are the five myths we’re going to explore:

  • Can muscle turn into fat?

Lessons from the animal kingdom.

Close up of a lion — These 4 Animals Enjoy Oral Sex — Here’s What We Can Learn
Image by Author via Canva

Oral sex is popular in the animal kingdom.

That seems like a weird way to start any other article but this one (and probably not the best way to make friends at the next dinner party).

Animals are pretty weird, too.

Bower birds build elaborate structures made of bones, shells…

How I ranked my brand new website on Google in less than one month

Screenshot of Ahrefs dashboard for a new website already ranking in Google — I Found a Google “Loophole” To Rank New Websites (With Proof)
Screenshot by the author — Ahrefs dashboard

My brand new website ranked on Google in just under one month.

Usually, it takes at least four months (and more likely 8–12 months) before new websites start to rank. Bloggers call it the “Google Sandbox,” that ghost town period between starting a site and seeing any traffic.

Many bloggers…

Christopher Kokoski

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