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Full-time writer. Father. Bald as a baby’s bottom.

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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” — Oscar Wilde

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As I write this, I’m sitting at my make-shift desk sipping coffee and typing on a tiny laptop perched atop an empty cardboard box. It’s a completely ugly set up, but I love it.

It’s my favorite place in my house. It’s where all my childhood dreams of being a full-time writer finally came true.

I’m Christopher Kokoski, pronounced Co-Co-Ski. Just imagine drinking hot cocoa while skiing down a snowy slope.

But never do that in real life. It’s a terrible idea.

Improve your relationship by asking higher quality questions.

Image by Author via Canva

There are five kinds of questions that you should never ask your partner.

The question types are no secret:

  • Dirty House Questions
  • Garden of Eden Questions
  • Courthouse Questions
  • Canceled Questions
  • Pseudo Questions

These types of questions often cause unnecessary and unintentional drama in our relationships. I know, I’ve asked my fair share of them.

We often ask questions without thinking them through, especially without considering how our partners might feel or react. Most of our questioning skills occur at a subconscious level. Even though there’s probably no malicious harm meant, that doesn’t mean there’s no harm done.

I’ve written before…

Here’s your guide to sexy dream interpretations

Image by Author via Canva

I haven’t had a sex dream in 20 years—but I’m in the minority.

Sex dreams are some of the most common types of dreams people have, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They can also be incredibly confusing. Do they mean that you feel unhappy, repressed, or sexually attracted to someone other than your partner?

We don’t talk enough about our dreams. That’s surprising since we spend a grand total of 26 years worth of our lives sleeping (and another 7 trying desperately to get to sleep).

Added up, there’s an entire young adult life waiting for you…

Red flags of toxic friendships.

Image by Author via Canva

Emotionally exploitive friends can be downright sneaky.

They are often subtle and manipulative, which makes them difficult to identify. If you suspect that a friend is emotionally exploitative, there are five traits they will likely exhibit.

If any of your friends display any of these traits, watch out! You may want to protect yourself and your mental health by releasing them from your life.

Here are the five traits.

“People inspire you, or they drain you — pick them wisely.” — Hans F. Hansen

1. They Hate Drama but Always Create It

Exploitive friends (and people) constantly get embroiled in drama. …

Baffling disappearances in paradise

Image by Author via Canva

Hundreds of people go missing at national parks across the United States every year. Some of these disappearances are never solved.

Yosemite National Park holds the notorious position as the national park with the third most missing persons per year (233). Lake Mead National Recreation Area wins the top spot with 563.

The deeper you dig into Yosemite National Park, the stranger details you find.

Like many national parks, Yosemite has a history of bizarre sightings, experiences, and legends. One of the most fascinating (and disturbing) of these stories is about hundreds of missing children.

Yes, hundreds.

The almost supernatural…

How a college party taught me a valuable life lesson about relationships

Image by Author via Canva

During a college Fraternity party, I watched in awe as one of my best friends turned an angry stranger into an ally.

The experience took me completely by surprise. After all, most parties taught me more about the dangers of thumping dance music, cheap alcohol, and bad decisions. Yet, I’ve never forgotten the lesson I learned that wild night in college. A lesson about human nature, power dynamics, and relationships.

Since then, I’ve used the lesson to transform confrontation into a community, win over complete strangers, and integrate myself into hostile groups. …

The upside, downside, and sexy side of Twitter

Image by Author via Canva

Recently, I discovered something about Twitter that I had no idea existed.

Maybe because I’m naive. Maybe because my engagement on Twitter didn’t trigger the algorithm to show me this side of the social media platform. Whatever the reason, I stumbled upon Sex Twitter.

While doing some topic research for articles, I entered the general word “sex” into my research tool. One of the terms that showed up was Sex Twitter — with an enormous amount of monthly searches.

Curious, I clicked on the term to find out exactly what it meant. …

Couples who play together, stay together.

Image by Author via Canva

It’s time to step up your sex game.

If you and your partner want to add some adventurous play into your sex lives, you should absolutely try the Amazon sex position.

I didn’t even know of this position until recently. It’s one of the most physically demanding, creative, and potentially satisfying sex positions.

Essentially, the position combines the cowboy/cowgirl position and the missionary position. The partner with a penis or dildo lays on their back with their knees pulled to their chest (think of a cannonball jump at a swimming pool).

Usually, the vulva having partner is on top, straddling…

The content strategy that works for me

Image by Author via Canva

Over the last six months, I’ve used five content types to scale my beginner blog to between 7,000 - 10,000 page views per month.

It’s been a monumental climb for me. I struggled for years to figure out a process that actually worked. All the gurus sold me shortcuts, but I found that sticking to a simple game plan worked best for me. Looking back at my life, it’s what has always worked for me: study successful people who are already getting the results you want and copy their strategies.

“Success leaves clues” is one of my favorite quotes by…

How to improve dramatic fight scenes in your story

Image by Author via Canva

Sometimes writing feels like literary cardio.

I’m revisiting and revising a fight scene from my novel Past Lives, the first book in a series of the same name. In this post, I thought I’d share with you five ways I’m improving it.

Fight scenes are typically associated with thriller, mystery, and fantasy stories. However, when you dig a little deeper, all genres include them.

And if you’re going to write a fight scene, you might as well make it memorable, even unforgettable. At the very least, you might want to make it indispensable to the plot.

Here are five ingenious…

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